Listen to Sunday morning messages from City View Church anytime, anywhere. Stream messages live, download single messages, or subscribe to the podcast and play them on your phone, tablet or computer.

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To use a phone app - Using most standard podcast apps for phones and tablets, you can use your installed podcast player to automatically upload podcasts to your device to listen live, or later at your convenience. Using your app's search or "add" tool, simply enter "City View Church."

  • Android - We recommend the BeyondPod free version, which can be found at Google Play. Or just use your favorite.

  • Mac - Use iTunes, which is already installed on your device. Go to the iTunes store and select "Podcasts."

Subscribe on your computer - If you have iTunes installed, go to the iTunes store. Navigate to Podcasts and search for City View Church.


to listen to messages from 2017 and before.