The I’M IN Vision :: Year One ::

God is opening doors for City View Church. He is giving us favor and doing things that are setting us up for mighty works to advance His kingdom in the days before us.

Our influence can only expand. Mission Valley is going to grow by 15,000 to 18,000 people in the next 10 years. Many are going to need a church that has the ability to meet the needs they and their families face. And they all need Jesus.

The purpose of this vision is not about modernizing buildings or starting new ministries, but rather it’s about building up people to always be passionate about reaching, building, and influencing people for Jesus – people who desire to advance His kingdom through the various gifts God has entrusted to them both now and down the road.

Henry Ford once said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” As we strive to eat the elephant one bite at a time, we want to break down this three year vision with specific tangible focuses for each year as funds become available.

The I’M IN vision identifies the three areas of influence referenced in the book of Acts (Acts 1:8): Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria, and the World. For us, that translates to City View Church, the greater San Diego community, and the pressing needs of world missions.

The projected cost for the entire 3-year I’M IN initiative is $2,500,000. In 2018, the things that we need to do first are marked “tangible.” They total $599,000.


City View Church :: Jerusalem ::

Modernization of City View Church facilities  (3-year portion – $1,550,000)

Tangible – The first priority is to update the Worship Center stage area, which includes lights, sound, the projection system and the overall look of the platform.

  • Replace old projectors and screens with a more cost effective LED screen system.
  • Remodel and update the stage to accommodate video recording and livestreaming of Sunday services, special productions and conferences. This requires new lighting, a new light board, video equipment, and replacement of many outdated monitors, speakers, and other obsolete components of our sound system.
  • Replace wireless microphones that will become unusable when the Federal Communications Commission changes band width assignments to accommodate cell phones.

Cost: $200,000

Tangible - Develop architectural design plans for the future look of our campus with drawings and renderings. Cost: $75,000

Future (2019 / 2020)

  • Remodel our existing lobby, hallways, and restrooms throughout the Worship Center building with new colors, furnishings, fixtures, and flooring. Create a new welcome area and remodel the Chapel.
  • Move our nursery from the Worship Center to the Family Life Center, adjacent to other kids’ locations.
  • Remodel our creative arts/choir room with new paint, new flooring and chairs
  • Remodel the exterior of our campus with a new look, updating stucco, color, and stonework, plus adding a cross, an elevator, and signage on our main building identifying us as City View Church.  


San Diego Community :: Judea and Samaria ::

Community outreach and bridge-building endeavors  (3-year portion: $575,000)

Tangible - Kids View Infant Care and Pre School – We need to get our facility ready to accommodate the opportunity to have a premier infant care (0-2) and pre-school (2-5) in San Diego, serving parents, guardians, and families in our city. We have the location, facility and opportunity to reach young families and provide a quality Christian environment day care their kids. We aim to have the facility ready by January or at the latest September 2019. The center would provide an annual revenue stream for City View. Cost: $230,000.

Tangible - City View Café - We want to add a quality café for City View Church and our community. We need to purchase all the equipment and other things needed so that people will come on our campus to buy quality coffee, teas and other hot and cold drinks. Expenses include equipment, furnishing, remodeling and supplies. This will also be a revenue stream for City View Church. Cost: $70,000

Tangible - City View Outreaches to our Community – Provide significant outreaches to Lincoln military housing as well to the communities of Civita and Mission Valley. Put on quality musical productions and develop new compassion components to reach our city for Jesus and serve God’s interest in the lives of others.  Cost: $10,000/year

Future (2019 / 2020)

  • Elevate School Assemblies - Develop dynamic school assemblies as we bring in quality assembly school programs this will be a para organization for City View church. Cost: $9,000/year
  • LifeChange Radio Ministry – Cost: $14,000 per year
  • Plant another campus for City View Church – Cost: $70,000 
  • Establish a City View Thrift Store – Cost: $60,000


The World :: The Ends of the Earth ::

Missions influence expansion (increase giving from $375,000 to $500,000 per year; 3-year portion - $375,000)

We hope that through our faith promises given at our annual Missions Conference in January that we will not only be able to support our current monthly missionaries, but through the I’M IN vision, our prayers are to add new missionaries to our growing family as well. Other areas we hope to partner with are several missions endeavors over the next three years. This will help us reach people with aid, tools, training, and the gospel, both In the United States and around the world.

Tangible - We desire to support Africa’s Hope by June 2018 - $24,000.

Future (2019 / 2020)

  • Convoy of Hope (Emergency Relief) - $10,000/year
  • Cuba Church Planting & Pastor Training - $8,000/year 
  • One Hope - $13,000/year
  • Orphanages and Hospitals throughout the world - $15,000/year
  • Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) - We will multiply our kids’ giving through matching funds, up to $10,000/year
  • Difference Makers Light for the Lost (LFTL) - $5,000/year
  • Project Hope (Women’s Outreaches) - $5,000/year
  • Speed the Light (STL) - We will multiply our youth giving through matching funds, up to $10,000/year
  • Live Dead (Ministry in Restricted Areas) - $6,000 per year
  • Church Multiplication Network (Planting US Assemblies of God churches) - $8,000 per year
  • Adding support for more missionaries - $18,000 per year
  • Clean Water - $5,000 per year
  • Vanguard University – Partner with and assist Vanguard to fulfill its vision - $15,000/year

Looking Ahead

In short, the purpose of the I’M IN vision is to adapt our tithe to the general fund to not only sustain the church’s budget, but also to do what is necessary to add to our faith promises that support our current missionaries. This will allow us ways to turn our dreams for these three areas – City View Church, the San Diego community, and the world – into a reality.