Throughout history, the 40 days leading to Easter has always been a time of seeking God. For City View, this year is dedicated as a time of united, world-changing prayer. It is our desire that we will significantly grow in influence in our world in 2018.

Week 5 Focus: Renewal for Our Land

The daily focuses for this week are based on God's clear promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”



Mar 11-17


renewal for our land


Sun, Mar 4 – “If My People”

That the church would realize its role as the necessary prayer force for America’s renewal. That each would recognize this as their own, indispensable responsibility. That the essential connection with the community of faith would be fully grasped in this task.

Mon, Mar 5 – “Humble Themselves and Pray”

That believers would recognize their absolute dependence on God as their source, their inspiration, and their partner in prayer. That all would divorce themselves from the idea that other people or groups are responsible for our nation’s renewal. That all kinds of prayer and intercession are needed at the front lines of prayer.

Tue,  Mar 6 – “Seek my Face”

That we start our day with a deliberate acknowledgment that God wants to spend the day with us. That each person hunger and thirst after the Lord. That we desire “one thing” above all – to behold the majesty and the neve ending presence of the Lord.

Wed, Mar 7 – “Turn from Wicked Ways”

That we acknowledge the specific ways we disappoint God, confess them to Him, and receive His forgiveness. That we love all others as God loves us, without malicious hearts or disrespectful tongues. That we fight off temptations such as greed, lust, and anger and look to Jesus for escape.

Thu, Mar 8 – “Hear from Heaven”

That we would realize You are listening and ready to respond. That our conversation would be genuine – a two-way connection with You, our heavenly Father. That we become more familiar with Your Word so that we would more clearly recognize Your voice.

Fri, Mar 9 – “Forgive their Sins”

That your people would understand that forgiven sin has no power over them. That your forgiveness  would result in true liberty of soul. That those who are forgiven would realize their compounded strength. That as believers draw closer to you, that they’ll also be further from the influence of the world

Sat Mar 10 – “Heal Their Land”

That the pendulum swing toward worldliness, baseless values and depravity would be reversed. That our nation would warrant the description of a “nation whose God is the Lord.” That God would restore brokenness in individual lives, in families, in communities, and in our nation’s shared culture.




Over this 40 day period, what are 3 Big Dreams you want to lay before God? Think of things that, when they materialize, you'll know for sure that only God could have made them happen. 

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