As long as the church has been the church, the 40 days leading up to Easter has been set aside as a time to seek the Lord. Pastor Troy is building on that theme, inviting each City View friend to purpose these days to be a time of united, world-changing prayer for this fellowship. It is our desire that we will grow in influence in our families and our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and our schools, in our city and our nation in 2018.


Mar 4-10




.Sun, Mar 4 – Easter Around the World

That nations on every continent would experience a credible witness of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That every Easter week celebration would be visited with God’s presence, hope and conviction. That services held in dangerous and oppressive climates would be safe and produce fruit.

Mon, Mar 5 – Easter in the United States

That the message of Easter be a transforming presence in every community. That Easter celebrations clearly represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That churches would be filled with those who believe for the first time or return to their faith sincerity.

Tue,  Mar 6 – Easter in San Diego

That every church in our city declare biblical, life-transforming truth. That all involved in Easter programs and outreaches sense the significance of their ministry. That efforts are saturated with prayer. That Easter services would draw many and transform our city, one person at a time.

Wed, Mar 7 – City View’s “The Table”

That when the events of Good Friday are presented they will stirs hearts and lift souls. That the communion portion would draw each participant to a very real encounter with Jesus. That your Holy Spirit would speak through every song, every scene and every moment in the evening.

Thu, Mar 8 – City View Family Funday

That the many activities and workers convey the heart of City View to share Christ’s love with our community. That many children and families will visit our campus for the first time. That many who come for the Funday event will stay for the classes and hear the story of the Resurrection.

Fri, Mar 9 – City View Easter Services

That your people would become inviters for all the events of the Easter weekend. That Jesus Christ would be glorified in the music and the message. That both the sunrise service and the regular service present an irresistible declaration of God’s redeeming love.

Sat Mar 10 - Lost Loved Ones

That the Lord would use the events of our loved ones’ lives to speak to them and draw them to Himself. That God would show us where we have a place to partner with Him as He does. That God would guard their hearts and minds from every lie and deception that would keep them from pursuing Him. 




Over this 40 day period, what are 3 Big Dreams you want to lay before God? Think of things that, when they materialize, you'll know for sure that only God could have made them happen. 

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