As long as the church has been the church, the 40 days leading up to Easter has been set aside as a time to seek the Lord. Pastor Troy is building on that theme, inviting each City View friend to purpose these days to be a time of united, world-changing prayer for this fellowship. It is our desire that we will grow in influence in our families and our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and our schools, in our city and our nation in 2018.


FEB 25-Mar 3


Centers of Influence

What we call “the world” can be seen as a composite of those establishments that influence our lives, for good or bad.

Sun, Feb 25 – The Military

That those in places of high authority make decisions that reflect the principles of your word. That those who defend our nation, along with their families, will remain safe and not be discouraged. That our country’s interests, both at home and abroad, will be protected from harm.

Mon, Feb 26 – Government

That those who serve in our government – the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches – would honor biblical values and serve with integrity. That elections would place in office men and women who are committed to upholding your principles. That your people would pray continuously for their leaders.

Tue,  Feb 27 – Education

That schools would be a place of welcome and growth for all students, teachers and administrators who follow your ways. That schools would be safe from those who seek to do harm, both from the outside and within. That biblical values respecting family, compassion, purity, faith, and holiness would be honored.

Wed, Feb 28 - The Church

That the church be strong, holy and free to proclaim your Word. That believers everywhere would be Your salt and your your light. That the church be protected from hatred and unjust slander.  That the church remain faithful to Christ’s mission. That church leaders remain pure. That the church grow in power and in numbers.

Thu, Mar 1 - The Media

That journalism revive truth in reporting and civil public discourse. That the entertainment industries would not be swayed by greed, lust, and materialistic values. That believers find a place of influence and honor in their respective industries. That those using social media become more discerning and less divisive.

Fri, Mar 2 - Business

That businesses would reflect values that are consistent with God’s word. That American interests abroad would be honorable. That businesses not practice fraud, greed, dishonesty, or squandering of the resources God has provided. That God would honor the industries that seek to honor Him.

Sat Mar 3 - Lost Loved Ones

That the Lord would use the events of our loved ones’ lives to speak to them and draw them to Himself. That God would show us where we have a place to partner with Him as He does. That God would guard their hearts and minds from every lie and deception that would keep them from pursuing Him. 




Over this 40 day period, what are 3 Big Dreams you want to lay before God? Think of things that, when they materialize, you'll know for sure that only God could have made them happen. 

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