As long as the church has been the church, the 40 days leading up to Easter has been set aside as a time to seek the Lord. Pastor Troy is building on that theme, inviting each City View friend to purpose these days to be a time of united, world-changing prayer for this fellowship. It is our desire that we will grow in influence in our families and our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and our schools, in our city and our nation in 2018.


FEB 18-24


Sun, Feb 18 - Prioritizing our relationship with God - Setting aside a specific, uninterrupted, undistracted time to communicate with God. That our thoughts would turn to God throughout the course of our day. That our conversations would give God's perspective the highest place.

Mon, Feb 19Seek God’s kingdom first - Understand that God's ways are higher than our ways. Making a conscious choice to choose God's principles over our own natural ways. Asking God to help us see how we fit into His bigger plan. 

Tue, Feb 20 - Cleansing our hearts - That we would see that our offenses against others open a door of access for the enemy. That our conversation, either written or verbal, would be God-honoring and respectful of others. Asking God for the power to forgive and His healing for every hurt and wounded place in our hearts.

Wed, Feb 21Valuing others - That we would be able look past the perceived faults and differences of others. That we would see the gifts that God has placed within each individual we meet. That God would give us insight and opportunities to encourage one another. That God would pour into us His supernatural love for others.

Thu, Feb 22Generational unity - Ask God to show us how He is using the generation before us and the generation after us for His kingdom purpose. That God would show us how we can partner with each of these groups of people. That God would give us the power to set aside our own preferences to consider how He is leading us individually and as a church.

Fri, Feb 23A generous life - Ask God to increase our faith and trust Him to truly provide for every need. That God would prompt our hearts to be generous in all situations – with our time, our abilities and our income. That we would see every opportunity to be generous as a seed that will reap a multiplied harvest.

Sat, Feb 24 - Unsaved loved ones = That God would remove any outside influences that are keeping our loved ones from embracing His love. That God would release His healing into every area of their lives and show us where we have a place to partner with Him in that healing process. That God would guard their hearts and minds from every lie and deception that would keep them from pursuing Him. 



Over this 40 day period, what are 3 Big Dreams you want to lay before God? Think of things that, when they materialize, you'll know for sure that only God could have made them happen. 

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