City View Church

Every Person Counts


Here we reach out, build community, and influence our world.

Our culture is shifting. We’re imperfect. And life changes all the time.
At City View we're all discovering what it means to love and follow Jesus -- together. 

We'd love to meet you. You are welcome here.


Connect Groups

There are a lot of people at City View. Getting acquainted can be challenging. And if you're newer here, it can feel like everyone's already connected. We get it. 

That’s why our connect groups exist. There are lots of them. They're small in scale. And they’re there to help you get to know people and find a place to belong. From life stage to life interest, from brand-new faith to long-time believer, there’s a group for you at City View.




Get In Touch


8404 Phyllis Place
San Diego CA 92123
858 560-1870


Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Friday: Offices Closed
Saturday: Offices Closed


8:00 AM - English Traditional Service

9:00 AM - Classes for children, youth, and adults

10:00 AM - City View Oromo Service

10:30 AM - English Modern Service

10:30 AM - City View Español


General Inquiries