City View Swahili church is a place for people from countries where Swahili is spoken and who are now living in San Diego. Our church community includes people from Congo-Kinshasa, Uganda, Kenya and several other central African nations.


Our weekly gatherings include time for worship, preaching, prayer and fellowship. We often stay after church to enjoy conversation and sometimes some traditional African cuisine.


Our pastors are Clement Mayalibu and Cesar Munganga. We often invite guest speakers as well, and host special conferences here at our church for the entire Swahili-speaking community. 


We are part of City View Church of San Diego, which is also home for church services in English, Spanish, and Ethiopian languages.


We invite you to come by some time and be our guest! We would love to meet you!


Sunday Service – Chapel, 10 AM

Wednesday Prayer - Multipurpose Room, 6 PM


8404 Phyllis Place, San Diego, CA, 92123

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