What is InFellowship?

InFellowship is City View Church's secure, online "community" that allows you to better connect and communicate with City View Church. With InFelllowship you can:

  • Manage your personal information
  • Download your giving statements
  • Set up, adjust, and track both one-time and scheduled giving
  • Register for select events


How do I get started?

Creating a profile is easy! Just click the "Create Your Account" button below to get started.

NOTE: A unique email address is required for each adult registering. (Children 17 and under are excepted.)

If you have already set up an InFellowship profile, you can edit it by selecting "already have account." Keep in mind that this applies only to your InFellowship profile. If you are already in City View Church's database and have not yet set up an InFellowship account, use the "create your account" button.






What about privacy?

Privacy settings allow you to authorize which items of your profile can be viewed by others within the InFellowship City View Church online community. The exception is your giving information, which by default is viewable ONLY by you and City View personnel who are authorized to view financial information.


I've been using the City View link for my recurring giving. What do I do now?

If you are currently giving through our City View giving page, your settings will not transfer automatically. There are 2 steps to setting up your new recurring giving with InFellowship.

1. Discontinue your current recurring online giving here.

2. Set up your new giving account here.


Bank Giving

If you have set up your recurring giving through your personal bank, you don't need to do anything. Your giving will continue uninterrrupted.




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